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When it comes to us and our children, we are the ‘pitchers’ and they are the ‘cups’.

It is hard to “fill them up” when you are running on empty.  We at Hollymead Elementary understand the stress that families feel as they juggle work, home life, and their children’s school needs.  We want to help.  Our goal is to find out what our Hollymead families need that would make their lives a little easier.  We know that we aren’t miracle workers, but maybe there is something that we can do.  Please take a few minutes and fill out this CONFIDENTIAL survey, to help us to better support our Hornet families!  All forms will be handled with discretion and responded to by your School Counseling Team. 


School Counselor, Megan Kopley

School Counseling Intern, Alexandra Biazzo

Social Emotional Learning Coach, Cheryl Cottrell